• "We look after what is important: people, facilities, the environment; in short, your well-being"

Ucalsa has more than 25 years of mass catering experience and has become a benchmark in this sector.

Not only does it manage food services, but it also manages infrastructure for the service: design, engineering, construction, operation and maintenance.

Ucalsa is specialised both in the management of the infrastructure necessary to provide a service with the highest quality, speed and efficiency, and in nutrition and dietary research, adapted to the needs of different groups, with all the demands that this entails.

A world of services

Quality, our best guarantee of reliability

Ucalsa complies with the very highest food quality and handling standardsrequired by the laws of the European Union, and with the local laws of the countries where we operate.

It is thoroughly immersed in an ongoing training process to innovate in its projects and to meet its clients’ needs. Its Development Department and operational team rigorously study all aspects related to the service.

Prescribers of Catering Spaces

As a space prescriber, Ucalsa is expert in coordinating the needs of professionals from various fields (gastronomy, operations, nutrition, food safety innovation…), so that gastronomy and architecture merge to achieve maximum productivity, profitability and excellence.

It is therefore firstly responsible for collecting the needs of its clients, studying the spaces that it provides, and then coordinating all those involved in the design and construction of the catering project requested.

Ucalsa considers the position of space prescriber to be key in any social and group catering project implemented successfully.

Re-imagining Spaces

Workspace innovation

Differential values

One of our strengths is the LOYALTY of our clients. Our differential value is determined by five key factors:


Healthy and sustainable cooking
Local, fresh and market produce.
Nutrition department that designs balanced,
healthy and traditional menus.


Different studies point out that, apart from the quality of the food, a pleasant and relaxing setting increases satisfaction and promotes social interaction.


It is always desirable to set an adequate price, as low as possible, but with the goal of feeding, caring, educating and acting responsibly.


Each client requires an adequate service according to their characteristics, the moment and place where they are located.


We promote the preparation of our menus using products from within a radius of 100 km, favouring the local economy.


Each client requires an adequate service according to their characteristics, the moment and place where they are located:


As group catering specialists, Ucalsa carries out projects for all types of company restaurants, adapting to their volume, location and specific needs.

It guarantees the food safety of the service throughout the entire process, from the quality of the raw material selected and the preparation, including the prevention and control of critical points, through to the distribution and placement of the product at the point of consumption.

The food is prepared through three lines of service:

  • On-site kitchen: Preparation at the centre’s own facilities
  • Hot line: Prepared at Ucalsa’s own central kitchens and transported hot using approved systems.
  • Cold line or “fifth range”: Prepared at the central kitchens, refrigerated or pasteurised, served in each centre, requiring reheating just before consumption

To meet particular demands and to take into account the specific characteristics of this area, these services are managed through the Distegsaown brand.


Mass catering in educational establishments incorporates very specific characteristics in this specialisation. Apart from the strict food security controls during all phases of the process, Ucalsa is focused especially on the specific nutritional and dietary aspects of these types of groups:

  • Preparation of menus considering age factors.
  • Incorporation of food guidelines in accordance with academic years.
  • Study of special menus, according to individual specifications.
  • Specific projects prepared by teams of professionals consisting of managers and nutritionists.

To meet particular demands and take into account the specific characteristics of this area, we manage these services through our brand Gastronomía Madrileña.

DEFENCE – Barracks

Ucalsa is a pioneer in the provision of the catering service for barracks and military bases in Spain.

Since 2004, Ucalsa has been the selected company for the outsourcing of catering and cafeterias of the bases in most Spanish provinces.

The procedures developed by Ucalsa have become a professional benchmark in the sector, recognised by all senior officers and persons in charge who have enjoyed this service and supervised it.

Ucalsa currently provides in this sector tailor-made solutions for the comprehensive management of catering services in Spain and abroad.

As a variant in the provision of food for groups, and in the Armed Forces, police forces or firefighters sector, Ucalsa is expert in the supply of field or subsistence rations. This service has very specific characteristics, looked at in more detail in the Supplies section.


In Ucalsa it is understood that good health comes from healthy, adequate and nutritionally balanced food.

In addition, the concept of enjoyment is incorporated into the quality of life necessary to complete the qualities of a healthy diet. That is why its menus for hospitals and health centres are made following recipes that include traditional, fresh and natural flavours.

Characteristics of its menus:

  • Adaptation of the meal plan according to the system of the centre.
  • Diets and menus adapted to the personal characteristics and tastes of each user.
  • Study of the menus based on seasonal changes and a rotating menu.
  • Periodic controls and satisfaction surveys.
  • Inclusion of the aspect of enjoyment in meal preparation, both in terms of flavours and presentation.

At Ucalsa all the strict quality, traceability and hygiene controls developed in all the mass catering phases, especially indicated for health centres, are implemented.


Ucalsa develops its own vending system through vendingmachines that provide the basic nutritional elements in places where more complex facilities are supplied, taking charge of both their installation and management in common areas in all types of centres.

This system serves menus that include breakfasts, snacks and individual dishes or complete menus, which can be consumed on the spot or taken away.

The team that performs this service is made up of innovative and professionally qualified people, continuously striving to update products that fulfil the best market characteristics:

  • With its own kitchens and production plants.
  • Careful selection of raw materials.
  • Daily production.
  • Artisanal production system with maximum guarantee and health control.

Our clients are present in essential sectors

Business Clients

Companies and industries, administration centres, camps and temporary bases, leisure centres, special events, prisons, religious centres, social centres, immigrant and reception centres, hotels.

Health Clients

Hospitals, health centres, residential care facilities, day centres and geriatric facilities.

Education Clients

Technical training centres, sports educational centres, special education centres, university colleges, schools, faculties, nurseries, secondary schools, boarding schools, universities, etc..

Defence Clients

Barracks and military bases, senior officer training centres, special units, displaced contingents.