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Ucalsa has become an international benchmark in the construction and management of temporary facilities and civilian/military bases in any part of the world and in all types of military and civil situations.

We are not only experts in consulting, design, engineering and construction of temporary facilities and civilian/military bases, but also in the management of all services, including catering and those related to quality of life, such as cleaning, laundry and leisure.


Construction and Services

To develop a project anywhere in the world, our specialists evaluate the geographical, political, safety and logistics factors The starting point is always to gain a thorough understanding of the client’s activity, of its mission in the place in question and of the environment itself.
Controlling a project in its entirety (design + construction + supplies) means eliminating incidents in all project management and execution phases.
We provide the added value of the Comprehensive Management of the construction process.

Ucalsa as the sole supplier. We manage what we build

Ucalsa offers itself as the sole supplier in a comprehensive project, which covers both construction and services. This is a major advantage for the client who can therefore focus on their mission.

Success stories


Construction of a camp and service management


  • Reach: Engineering and design, supply, transportation, construction, operation and maintenance of a camp with 420 beds, offices for 600 people and a 4,000 m2 warehouse.
  • Duration: October 2014 – Date.
  • Description: EPC (Engineering, Procurement & Construction) Contract for the temporary facilities of the Talara Refinery Modernisation Project based on the EMMEDUE construction system:
    • 4.000 m2 warehouse and 16,000 m2preparation of Laydown Area.
    • 5.400 m2 of offices including training rooms, canteen, medical room, maintenance and communications building.
    • 800 m2 of modular worksite offices (containers).
    • 16.600 m2 of camp with 420 beds including laundry, canteen, kitchen and dining room, VIP dining room, PX store, social centre, swimming pool, multisport courts.
    • The services include catering, maintenance, laundry, cleaning, garbage removal, pest control, water supply, electricity and environmental control.


Management of Services of Land Facilities


  • Reach: Supply of food, catering, cleaning and laundry service for 2,500 people in Equatorial Guinea.
  • Duration: January 2007 – March 2008.
  • Description: These services include catering, PX supermarket management, plant management, laundry and cleaning service.


FSB Camp Arena – Herat and Qala i Naw – New PSB
Construction of camps and service management


  • Reach: Design, supply, transport, construction, management and maintenance of two camps with 650 and 1,350 beds with accommodation, work areas and the appropriate infrastructure, in Herat and Qala i Naw (Afghanistan).
  • Duration: 2006 – 2015.
  • • Description: Modular construction system designed to house troops for the duration of their mission in all types of weather conditions. Includes anti-fragment protective roof.
    • The camp is divided into work, housing, quality of life, leisure and maintenance areas.
    • Services include water supply, electricity, environmental control, refrigeration, cooking, sewage management, cleaning, laundry and refuse collection.
    • The services also include catering, domestic service, facilities for quality of life and the maintenance of all the facilities.
    • The modular construction system enables high quality finishes, dimensioning any type of surface and building on two levels, and it has a useful life of 25 years.
    • The project includes the construction of a petrol station.


Consultancy work for a camp and service management

Client: REPSOL

  • Reach: Initial consultancy work for a potential Repsol establishment in Kurdistan.
  • Duration: 3 months.
  • Description: Initial consultancy work for a potential Repsol establishment in Kurdistan.

The final objective will be the contracting of UCALSA’s services for the deployment of the aforementioned REPSOL base in Kurdistan.


United Nations Project

Client: United Nations (UN)

  • Reach: Engineering and construction of the geodetic marks on the Iraq-Kuwait border
  • Duration: Construction 2012 – 2013
  • Description: Development of engineering for the manufacture of topographic prefabricated elements for the demarcation of the border between Iraq and Kuwait.

Installation of prefabricated elements according to topographical coordinates. Manufacture and installation of indicative signs. Painting of the new elements installed. Repair of existing elements affected by projectiles.


Civil engineering work Algeria airports


(Algerian Air Navigation Administrator)

  • Reach: Execution of civil engineering work, electrical connections and telecommunications for the installation of radomes (radar towers) in all civil and military airports in Algeria
  • Duration: 2 years.
  • Amount: €1.4 m.
  • Description: The project covers the installation and assembly of radomes (radar towers) in both civil and military airports, to improve air navigation management efficiency in Algeria. The height and type of these radar towers, in addition to the forces to which the tower will be subjected once raised, means a detailed structural calculation, resulting in large-scale reinforced concrete foundations. The assembly of the tower and the radome, at its crown, involves some very difficult work at height carried out by specialised personnel. The grounding system has a particularly important function due to the high cost of the equipment adjacent to the towers, for its management and control.



Client: ISDEFE (Spain’s Ministry of Defence) TLP Nations

  • Reach: Supply of food, catering, maintenance of facilities, cleaning, laundry, hospitality, recreation and welfare facilities for participants in the Tactical Leadership Programme (TLP), based at the Albacete Airbase, Spain.
  • Service time: October 2009 – Date.
  • Description: Up to 1,000 daily services for participants in TLP courses. 500 beds in the TLP housing for participants in TLP courses.


Civil works

Client: Duro Felguera

  • Reach: Earthworks at the storage tank bases and building of the perimeter wall of the entire storage plant.
  • Earthworks: 90,000 m³ Removal: of surplus material: 115 m³. Filling: 8,000 m³.
  • Perimeter wall: 15,000 m³ of trench excavation
  • Duration: 3 months of earthworks + 9 months of building of perimeter wall.
  • Description: Cutting for removal and shaping of subgrade, removal of excess exterior material filled with borrow material, excavation of trenches, corrugated steel, formwork, concrete.

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