Since its beginnings in 1887, dedicated to local food and distribution, Ucalsa has become an expert logistics corporation, able to trace the supply chain from any point on the planet to any other place, regardless of the size of the business project in which it is participating.

More than suppliers, we are collaborators.


Food and non-food supply.

Ucalsa’s experience has given it the capacity to deliver to any corner of the planet whatever the client needs.

Our clients can choose from a catalogue of more than 9,000 references of dry food, beverages, fruit, frozen products, perishables, household items, hygiene and cleaning, etc. To ensure that we provide you with the best service, quality and price, we source globally buying from a wide range of markets, directly and without any intermediaries.


Ucalsa is focused on both the public and private sector:

  • Distribution channel (Supermarkets)
  • HORECA channel (Hotels, Restaurants, Cafeterias, Bakers…)
  • School dining halls
  • Company canteens
  • Ministries of Defence and Interior
  • Civil protection and other organisations
  • Elderly care homes and day centres

Field and Subsistence Rations. Preparation and Distribution

With more than 15 years in the sector, Ucalsa has supplied more than 13 million field rations. Ucalsa is specialised in the supply to groups in difficult environments.

We have a logistics structure that guarantees full compliance in the distribution chain, from the control of raw materials and preparation, through to product delivery and storage.

Initially devised for the Armed Forces, field rations are the optimal solution to maintain a balanced diet in any group, whether in extreme situations, operations in remote locations, natural disasters, or in human settlements established in special circumstances.

The content of field rations is adapted to the customs and cultures of the end consumer:

  • Western
  • Halal
  • Hindu
  • Vegetarian

Entities such as firefighters, civil protection and the Red Cross include rations as a fundamental component in their emergency protocols.

We design each project in collaboration with the client and tailored to their needs.

Thanks to its characteristics, it is a product expressly designed for consumption in operations areas and ideal for any group or detachment in an emergency situation or located in a remote area, with supply difficulties:

  • Nutritional balance
  • Fast absorbing energy intake
  • Watertightness
  • Long life
  • Easy ingestion of components
  • Content versatility
  • Storage at room temperature


Emergency situations require an organisation that can provide a fast, dynamic and effective response. There is no room for improvisation in the logistics that must be applied in extreme situations.

Our experience in international military situations means we are able to efficiently handle any emergency or disaster situation.

Experts in resolving any logistics challenge

Ucalsa is specialised in both stable and continuous supplies and in emergency and timely supplies in cases of catastrophes. It therefore has warehouses located at different strategic points around the world, which allow it to meet any urgent demand from any country in record time.

Ucalsa has differentiating factors that allow us to ensure timely deliveries in optimum conditions:

  • Expertise in multimodal transport
  • Strategic positioning of warehouses
  • Extensive experience in customs protocols
  • Perfect management of international financial tools
  • Support of the main transport companies

Ucalsa’s strengths

Comprehensive management of the supply chain

In each of our projects, we demonstrate that we have the experience to plan a supply system based on a sequence linked to previously prepared, known and verified actions.

Cycle of phases in the supply chain

Routes and Warehouses

Ucalsa has bases and warehouses at Spain’s main ports and in other strategic locations, with the capacity to plot stable or alternative routes to any destination.

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